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Hypnotherapy in Perth WA


Modern hypnotherapy can effectively treat a range of emotional, psychological and physical problems. It is a way of becoming aware of whatever is blocking you from leading a fulfilling and rewarding life. By becoming conscious of the thoughts and behavioral patterns that restrict and severely inhibit you, you can find self-confidence and balance in yourself and restore direction in your life.

Modern hypnotherapy is very different to classical hypnotherapy whereby the client goes into a very deep state of trance and remembers very little from what happens in the session. Modern hypnotherapy works with a type of trance which is simply a combination of relaxation and focused attention. This can be compared to day-dreaming and is a natural experience which you have undoubtedly had yourself. For example if you relax by reading a book or by watching a film and the story captures your entire attention and you are no longer aware of what is happening around you, you are actually in a state of light trance. You are alert, always exercise choice and control, and will be empowered by accessing your own inner resources and healing ability rather than simply obeying a command.


Modern hypnotherapy utilizes this natural form of trance to help you relax and quiet your mind so you can come into contact with deeper layers of your consciousness. In this way you can re-connect with experiences, emotions and thoughts from the past and understand how these are blocking and inhibiting you in the present. In essence you tackle the root of the problem allowing you to release and to heal whatever is holding you back to enable you to fully live in the here and now.

What is your subconscious mind?


Think of it like the big part of an iceberg. You can’t see it but you know it’s there, underneath the surface. It contains all your memories, your knowledge and beliefs and it's your source of creativity. It’s the part of your mind that's in action when you dream and when you use your imagination. Without being told to, it also regulates your body maintenance; breathing, hormone balance and the healing process. It’s the part of you that's like your ‘automatic pilot’ ensuring that you continue to do the things that you’ve learnt. The problem is that sometimes we learn to do things that we later want to change! And this can be anything from physical habits to emotional responses.

How does Hypnosis work?

There are many myths about hypnosis which may give a misleading impression. The reality, with a qualified and experienced Clinical Hypnotherapist is a lot different. You don't lose awareness of who you are, where you are and what you are doing. You don't lose control. You don't go under, in the sense that you fall asleep or unconscious; most people remain aware throughout the session.
In fact, being hypnotized is invariably a restful, enjoyable and experience. Afterwards, you feel exceptionally calm and relaxed.


Hypnosis is simply the name given to a state with which everyone is very familiar and in which we spend most of our waking time. It’s that daydream state when we’re doing something that doesn’t require our conscious attention, for example, driving or walking along our usual route, making a cake that we’ve made many times before, cleaning our teeth, watching TV. It’s when we can operate on “automatic pilot”. So there is no such thing as a person who cannot go into hypnosis because everyone spends most of their life in it.