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Life-coaching in Perth WA

Life Coaching investigates three fundamental life questions:

Life Coaching

Who am I, What am I capable of and What do I want?

The goal of this investigation is to increase your overall happiness. A life coach helps you to shape and design your own life based on your desires and talents. Life Coaching helps you to reflect on your past experiences and stimulate strategies to take charge of designing your life. Special attention is given to the balance between work and leisure, increasing self-confidence, stress management, communication skills, developing talents, coordinating career planning with life planning, improving relationships and developing a positive vision of the future.

The primary goal of Life Coaching is deepening life’s happiness.

Who needs Life-coaching, there’s nothing wrong with me!
There is no need to have something wrong with you to attend Life-Coaching. Coming to Life-Coaching means that you have made a positive choice to explore and discuss other ways of handling life situations with a professionally trained Life-coach in complete confidentiality. Do you relate to any of these questions?

  • Would you like to talk to someone who has time to sit down with you?
  • Are you feeling unsatisfied and you don’t know why?
  • Do you have everything you need to be happy yet it doesn’t seem to change how you feel?
  • Do you feel like “there’s got to be more to it” than your present life, yet you are no sure what?
  • Are you feeling restless with nowhere to go?
  • Are you feeling a little out of sorts?
  • Do you experience difficulty in deciding on or reaching your life goals?
  • Do you find it hard to say NO and to be assertive?
  • Is life throwing your more challenges that you feel you can handle today?
  • Are you anxious, panicky or have low self-esteem?

A life Coach gives you the opportunity to fully discuss any issues that cause concern for you, and you will not be judged, rather you will be supported and encouraged to achieve positive changes. A Life Coach will help you understand the exact nature of your problem and support and help you in finding the answers to your own questions and solutions to your own problems.
This is the path to self-empowerment which leads to new possibilities and opportunities to make the desired changes in your life. Often we just need to be heard and helped along the way.

life coaching

“The road of life twists and turns and no
two directions are ever the same.
Yet our lessons come from the journey,
not the destination.”
- Don Williams.